Forests (HEXTECH Compatible)

The wooded hexes are the forest elements of the Vegetation of Hex system.


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Model name: Forests (Hextech Compatible)
Model designers: Idolatry
Model line:  Sci Fi 6mm
Licensed by: Steel Warrior Studios 3D printing service
Material: PLA FDM plastic, resin
Scale: 6mm (1/285)
Dimensions: Hex surface is 33mm wide

These wooded hexes are an elegant way to handle cover systems in games like Battletech. Place each of the base markers anywhere during board building. They are labeled light and heavy to indicate what type of cover it is. These sets contain two types of trees (birch for light woods and pine for heavy woods) which we call toppers. These "toppers" are then placed on top of their respective base markers to make their wooded hexes "3D". If a unit wishes to occupy a wooded space during play, eremove just take the topper and place it to the side of the game board. The base marker remains so you can keep track of what type of cover you are in and you can return the topper to its previous position once your unit leaves the field. The system is easy to understand and follow and is very clear when placed on the board. We recommend giving the toppers and even the base markers different shades of color to enhance the visual difference at a glance.



Set content:

Lake Bundle:

Small Boosters: 7x lightly wooded hexes, 3x heavily wooded hexes

Grove Boosters: 15x lightly forested hexes, 5x heavily forested hexes

Forest Boosters: 20x lightly forested hexes, 10x heavily forested hexes



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