Sci-Fi Wargaming Terrain: End Right Parapet


Sci-Fi Wargaming Terrain: End Right Parapet

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Model Name: Sci-Fi Wargaming Terrain: End Right Parapet
Model Designer: Alan Mahon
Model Line: Sci-Fi 28-32mm
Licensed by: Alan Mahon
Material: PLA
Scale: 28mm (1/47)

This 3D printed building is a fantastic way to build a terrain board for your favorite 28-32mm games like Star Wars Legion, Necromunda, Warhammer, Stargrave, Deadzone and Killteam.

The End Right Parapet consists of four individual parts. The miniature shown is not part of the product. The End Right Parapet was made by Bjorn Neitzel painted.

This model kit is 3D printed with FDM PLA and is lightweight and durable. The colors used vary depending on availability. Models are supplied unpainted and may require light cleaning during paint preparation. For best results we recommend coating models with 2-3 coats of putty primer and sanding after each coat before applying paint. Rustoleum primer is recommended by many, but there are many others on the market that also work very well.

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