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I am now offering 3D printing services. At the moment I print with very good PLA in black or grey. For the resin print I use an ABS-like resin in one color depending on availability.
I charge 1 euro per hour of printing with an FDM printer (PLA). If you would like to use the resin print, I charge 1 euro per gram of resin used. The material is already included, as well as the removal of support structures and the cleaning and curing. Occasionally minor sanding work may be required.
What are the conditions for having your 3D models printed?
1. I only sell print time on my printers. This means you own the STL files or have permission to print the models yourself.
You as a customer are obliged to ensure that you have these rights. Accordingly, I do not sell the finished product, but only the printing time or the used resin.
I do not accept bulk orders that exceed 20 prints per model.
The possible print sizes are 22cm x 22cm x 25cm for the FDM printer and 13cm x 8cm x 16cm for the resin printer.
2. The printing time depends on the quality you want your prints to have.
If you have emailed me the STL file to, I can tell you how long your print will take or how much resin I will use.
It is best to indicate how high the quality should be.

If you want me to print your model and you agree with everything,
if you choose the correct quantity here, pay and your model will be printed.

All files will be deleted after completion!

If you have any further questions or something is unclear, just send me an email and I will help you.


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