HEXTECH - Mk3 Wall Bundles

Hextech - Mk3 Walls are a standard defensive option among commanders on the battlefield. These defenses are quick to erect, durable, and offer a good level of protection against combined forces. They are seen across the galaxy in both offensive and defensive positions. From garrisons left behind to frontline support depots and firebases.


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Model name:  HEXTECH - Mk3 Wall Bundles

Model designers: Thunderhead Studios
Model line:  Sci Fi 6mm
Licensed by: Steel Warrior Studios 3D printing service
Material: PLA FDM plastic,
Scale: 6mm (1/285)
Dimensions: Wall sections are 47.5mm high

All Mark 3 wall sections have a built in socket/slot system on each section which allows them to be connected to other sections in the set to create a fairly stable length of wall. These connectors are 3D printed and can therefore break if handled roughly. They are only intended to help keep the formation straight and stable and not to support the weight if they are lifted or twisted while connected to multiple pieces. We consider these connectors a bonus, the wall system works well without them, so we will not replace any parts with broken connectors. The wall parts are printed without hex bases and can be easily glued or placed on the hex base if required.

Set content:

Hex Base Bundle: Enough parts to create a closed hex base. 1 gatehouse, 1 slide-in gate (removable), 2 curved sections without towers, 4 curved sections with towers, 5 straight sections (3 fields in a row).

Border Base: Everything in the Hex Base Bundle plus enough straight sections and towers to go from one end of the map to the other (on the short end), creating a large base connection stretching across the board (25 hexes as a straight line). 1 gatehouse, 1 sliding gate (removable), 2 curved sections without towers, 4 curved sections with towers, 6 straight sections (3 hexes in a row), 4 straight towers.

Other wall elements will soon also be available individually!



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