HEXTECH—Industrial Fluid Works Bundles

Hextech - Industrial Fluidworks plays an important role both in mankind's industrial endeavors and in supporting its sprawl with mostly fresh drinking water and some sewage treatment. Manufacturers soon discovered that not every planet being colonized or mined would allow pipes to be installed in the ground, so much effort was expended to create a system of elevated pipe clusters that could be laid out over any landscape. Mass produced and easily interchangeable, these soon became the universal standard



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Model name:  HEXTECH - Industrial Fluid Works Bundles

Model designers: Thunderhead Studios
Model line:  Sci Fi 6mm
Licensed by: Steel Warrior Studios 3D printing service
Material: PLA FDM Plastic, UV Resin
Scale: 6mm (1/285)
Dimensions: differing

HEXTECH Terrain is based on 33mm hex bases that are fully compatible with the Battletech tabletop game. The Industrial Fluidworks features the new HEXTECH UNIVERSAL base system, allowing you to switch between jinxed and jinxed play in seconds.


Set content:

Entry set: (2) small liquid tanks, (2) floor pumps, (3) male to male tube connectors

Starter set: (1) Large liquid tank, (3) Small liquid tanks, (3) Floor pumps, (6) Male to male tube connectors

tank farm: (1) large liquid tank, (4) small liquid tanks, (1) floor pump, (2) 3-way tube connector, (4) bend tube connector, (3) male to male tube connector

Demi Compound: (1) pressure tower, (2) large liquid tanks, (2) small liquid tanks, (2) bottom pumps, (4) male to male tube connectors, (2) male to female tube connectors, (2) bend tube connectors

Trinity Waste & Water: (1) large processing plant, (2) pressure towers, (2) large liquid tanks, (2) small liquid tanks, (2) bottom pumps, (1) 3-way tube connectors, (1) bend tube connectors, (10) male to male tube connectors , (2) female-to-female tube connectors

Tube Booster: (2) bend tube connectors, (2) 3-way tube connectors, (4) female to female tube connectors, (4) male to male tube connectors, (2) male to female tube connectors.




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