HEXTECH Highway Overpass System

Hextech - The Highway Overpass System is an elevated highway with 3 lanes in each direction. Most commonly used for commercial and military transport, these are capable of carrying the largest logistical transports and even the heaviest tanks and mechs with ease. What is special about this system is that it feeds into Trinity City's defense system and is reserved for utility vehicles and the city's elite. The middle class and below must use the city through the congested road entrance at the foot of the gate, reflecting their status in the vast city-state.

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Model name:  HEXTECH Highway Overpass System
Model designers: Thunderhead Studio
Model line:  Sci Fi 6mm
Licensed by: Steel Warrior Studios 3D printing service
Material: PLA FDM plastic
Scale: 6mm (1/285)
Dimensions: Hex surface is 33mm wide

The HEXTECH terrain is built on 33mm hex bases that are fully compatible with the Battletech tabletop. A true feat of hex-based engineering, this impressive flyover system is fully game-compliant, with every single location on both the roads and major highway struts offering a safe position to place a unit without fear of it falling off . Even more stunning is the ramp's design with its supporting arches creating a flat surface on which each unit can stand securely. You don't have to worry about your mechs sliding down the entire length of the ramp and getting damaged!

Set content:

Highway Overpass Set: 1x highway ramp, 4x highway supports, 3x highway straight sections

You can put together your own Highway Overpass Set or expand the set.


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