HEXTECH forward base with foundations


Hextech forward base with foundations

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Model name:  HEXTECH-Forward Base with Foundations
Model designers: Thunderhead Studio
Model line:  Sci Fi 6mm
Licensed by: Steel Warrior Studios 3D printing service
Material: PLA FDM plastic
Scale: 6mm (1/285)
Dimensions: Hex surface is 33mm wide

Hextech - Forward Base with Foundations is an impressive multi-part set piece designed by Thunderhead Studios. It is 100 % Battletech compatible and comes in 1.25 hex format. The system consists of several smaller printed sections that can be pieced together to create an impressive and fully functional piece of wargaming terrain. All buildings are of standard gameplay height, and structure tops are designed to allow flat-bottomed models to stand stably in any legal hex position.

Buildings included:

2x uplink/relay tower (1 hex, level 3), 1x small generator (2 hex, level 1), 1x barracks (5 hex, level 2), 1x control tower complex (3 hex, levels 2 and 3), 1x mech hangar ( 10 Hex, Level 2), 1x Mech Repair Facility (10 Hex, Level 2) Also included are several small ramps that allow for easy movement between ground level and the base's foundations. This 1.25 inch Forward Base takes up almost a whole standard Battletech hex card, it is very costly in terms of print time and the price matches that.




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