Double Mech Bay


Double Mech Bay

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Model Name: Double Mech Bay

Model Designer: Cross Electric Designs
Model Line: Sci-Fi 6mm
Licensed by: Cross Electric Designs
Material: PLA FDM Plastic, UV Resin
Scale: 6mm (1/285)

Cross Electric Designs' Double Mech Bay takes our original Mech Repair Bay and maximizes the design. The dual 'Mech bay has two hex slots for two 'Mechs on 30mm bases (Catalyst Game Labs hex size). The bays are fantastically detailed and should have room for lots of painting, customization and even a balcony to place 6mm characters for posing in a diorama.

Also included are ducts and a battery compartment for those wanting to add LED lighting to the bays! (Designed for "Micro" LEDs and 2032 batteries).





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