Belisarius Hover Tank


Belisarius Hover Tank

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Model Name: Belisarius Hover Tank

Model Designer: Cross Electric Designs
Model Line: Sci-Fi 6mm
Licensed by: Cross Electric Designs
Material: PLA FDM Plastic, UV Resin
Scale: 6mm (1/285)

Meet the Belisarius Hover Tank, the latest in the growing number of designs available from Cross Electric Designs. One of the first true combat units available from CED, this tank represents a level of detail rarely seen in the industry.

This 2-pack design includes a second turret and body for an alternate configuration!

Designed as a fast hover tank with a laser and rocket launcher, the Belisarius makes a great addition to any BattleTech or Alpha Strike table!

The Belisarius can easily replace the Bellona Hover Tank or be your favorite Hover Main Battle Tank.









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